Solid State Drives

With today’s high-speed processors and low memory prices, in most cases the weakest link in a modern computer is hard drive performance.  Solid state drives (SSDs) aim to fix that by offering extremely fast storage with no moving parts – and the prices are now affordable. Hard drive prices are way up due to last


PC Running Slow?

Is your PC running slow?  Look down on the bottom-right of your screen near your clock – many programs that start every time your PC is booted place icons there.  All those programs, often unnecessary, are taking up valuable resources on your PC and may be slowing you down.  If you see any programs there


Malicious Email Attachments

Always be cautious when opening email attachments, even from people you know and trust.  Does the attachment end in EXE, PIF, SCR, or HTML?  If so, chances are you shouldn’t open it.  Viruses and malware are often hidden within ZIP files or embedded in PDF documents.  If you’re unsure, check with the sender to be

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